Total Knee Replacement

This procedure resurfaces the worn out or damaged knee joint with a combination of metal and polyethylene prostheses. As with hip replacement surgery, arthritis is the most common reason for this procedure but other causes such as trauma, infection and inflammatory processes may lead to a knee replacement being recommended.

There are three joints in the knee; the medial and lateral tibiofemoral joints and the patellofemoral joint. When two or more of these joints are damaged then a Total Knee Replacement will be recommended.

There have been significant improvements in knee replacement design along with refinement of surgical technique and we are now seeing knee replacements lasting more than 20 years. I am part of an evaluation team looking at new prostheses that we hope will provide superior performance and last longer than more traditional designs.

Normal and arthritic knee
Total knee replacement
Images courtesy of Zimmer


I could not possibly let the moment pass without thanking you for the operation on my knee. Strange to say it was all quite an unforgettable experience in the nicest way. My thanks also to your splendid team. Mr M.S.


I would just like to thank you very much for giving me a good lease of life, for your great skill and for being so caring. It was wonderful to be pain-free! Best Regards Mrs J.S.


I just wanted to tell you how very grateful I am to you for carrying out the operation – and doing such a fantastic job! I know many people who have had similar operations but none can compare their results with mine! There is no pain now from my knee, and I have great movement and flexibility.  I will perfect the kneeling, it is too important to me to let it go.  My biggest benefit, I think, has been my general fitness and health.  Pain really wears you down and without it I feel several years younger!! So this card is just to say a really sincere “thankyou” to you and your very skilled staff.  With warmest good wishes to you.  I hope there will be many more patients who benefit from your wonderful skills! Yours very sincerely, Mrs C.W.


We would like to thank you so much for your expertise and approach-fulness while attending my husband with his new replacement knee. We have been very impressed with the attention you have given and also the staff at the Spire. We look forward to the future with his new knee and hopefully new lease of life.

Mr B and Mrs D R.

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